Sunday, July 22, 2012


Centrally located on Hood St, near Victoria, Gothenburg feels like a restaurant.  It has, however, one of the nicest beer lists I have seen; one which puts most bars to shame.  It also runs a good line in tapas, which means that overall, the place lends itself to extended snacking with delicious drinks.

I need to come back here and explore the beers far more than I have yet done.  But my initial impressions of price and service were that both are good.

A St Feuillien Blonde. Light in colour, nicely aromatic, wee bit of a punch at 7.5%.  When you on't want to launch straight into the big Belgians, this is a refreshing alternative.

Calamari, aioli. Crisp, lightly spiced calamari, tasty aioli, well presented.

Edamame. Exactly the thing for snacking with a beer.

I will be coming back here as well.  Lots of things to try from their menus.

15 Hood St, Hamilton Central
07 834 3562

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