Monday, March 22, 2010

Haloumi and Jalapenos.

This was an idea that I thought might work. It does. Haloumi and jalapenos, cooked in onion and garlic. Finely diced mushrooms and red capsicum added to it. 2 cobs of corn cut off the cob and added in the final moments of cooking, with a handful of coriander. Served with brown rice cooked with jalapeno, stirred through with tomatoes salt and pepper. Tortillas, sour cream and fresh lime on the side. Feta on top (a tasty cheese would have been superior, but feta we had).

Roast King Edwards, simple salad

There is a debate in my house about potatoes. I insist that there are times when a Dutch Cream is not the obviously best available potato option. Mel disagrees. This was an attempt to resolve the debate by taking King Edwards, skinning them, par boiling them whole, and roasting them in duck fat with swiss brown mushrooms, garlic, rosemary and olives. The skins were kept and tossed with a spice mix to use as... potato skins.

The salad was rocket, thin slices of carrot, feta and olives.

Mel remains enamoured of the Dutch cream.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Three more meals.

So, first up we have a classic meal, steak and vegetables, including a baked field mushroom, heavy on the garlic, some garlic shoots, celeriac risotto, and baby spinach.

Secondly, we have a burger. Bacon and cheese, rocket, tomato, avocado, chorizo.... delicious!

Finally, a pork fillet, that has been stuffed with brie (maybe, some sort of cheese, at least) and mushrooms, and baked. Served on red cabbage and bok choy.

Mmmm, breakfast.

French toast made from a baguette. The egg mixture sweetened with castor sugar and cinnamon. Topped with apples and pears, both cut and lightly poached in lemon juice, and raspberries. There is also yoghurt to finish it, which has cinnamon mixed through it.

BBQ Brioche!

So, this one was a particular treat. Chocolate brioche from the Vic Markets, cut open and stuffed with fresh raspberries. Wrapped in foil and barbecued until piping hot and melty. Eaten with creme fraiche, although it didn't need it, and double cream or a good whipped cream, or... well, anything similar, would have done just fine.


One is an asian inspired one, cabbage base, with lots of fresh herbs (Vietnamese ones mainly, mint/basil/coriander). The other is an almost Caesar, ciabatta croutons and chicken instead of bacon, lots of anchovy because it is delicious.

Yet more....

A coconut Lime and Raspberry Cake. We had some jam I wanted to use, and a whole bunch of limes that went into cake and icing.


They were in the harbour over christmas, shallow enough to free dive for them, we managed to get ourselves a few. Delicious lightly coated in flour and wokked up in butter.

Photo-Bombing, Continued

Then we have a butter cake with raspberries baked into the top, served with cream. And a vegetable vindaloo, potato and bean, with naan and rice, garnished with coriander. We did not have these on the same night, oh no, I am merely months behind on uploading. Recipes will return when I catch myself up


First up, a Thai chicken Curry. Vegetables include eggplant and courgette. Garnished with Coriander and fresh chilli.