Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mavis & Co.

Just a brief stop in for coffee and a scone. I will want to come back and try more things here because the food all looks exceptional. The scone I had was bacon, chive and ... cheese of some sort. It was really good. Soft and fluffy, nice flavours, well heated with good butter.

The coffee, when it came was good. But oh man it took a while. Over 20 minutes. Sure the place was full, but they might have mentioned it would take this long. Scone was a distant memory by the time coffee happened.

I think, coffee-wise, Mavis & Co. is a victim of its own success.  They need another coffee-machine, but they need more space to do that.  I can handle the wait for the tastiness of their food though, and will happily be coming back.

Mavis & Co.
475 Grey St, Hamilton East
(07) 856 8715

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