Friday, August 3, 2012

Chim Choo Ree

I gather that this is the big one, as Hamilton goes.  Where to eat, when you want good food.  M and I went there on a Saturday night.  It was very sensible to have booked. We might have been able to park at the bar without a booking, but even that wouldn't have been certain.  We went all the way, tasting menu with matched wines.

Seared tuna in a delicious light broth, as an amuse bouche.  Amazing broth, delicate flavours, well complementing the tuna.

Pumpkin + goats curd ravioli, garnished and spiced up. Also excellent.

Tuna tartare was a highlight. Brilliant flavours, holding together well, wonderful texture on the tuna.

The above are two sides of a single dish.  Pork belly with a boudin noir tortellini.  I have no idea which I liked most, as both were sensational.  Again, the purees and splashes of flavour, decorative though they seem, perfectly complemented the flavours of the dish.

I went one way, M the other on the lone option they give you with this menu. For me, eye fillet, med-rare (or rare, I forget which, as I order between the two based on whim when asked). Some delicious braised cheek on the side, and brilliantly flavoured and cooked.

While M had lamb, and it too was impeccable.  Really, by this stage we were just drooling in anticipation of each course.  Did I mention that we had matched wines with them?  These were all excellent as well.

Finally, to dessert. I have to admit, I forget entirely what this was, other than good.

Best of all, to someone still mentally operating on Melbourne food prices, the whole thing was a steal.  The food was great, the service consistently friendly, if relaxed, the wine pairings all worked remarkably well with the dishes, and the atmosphere was trendy and entirely on point.  Go here.  It is clearly worth it.  More than that, it looks no more expensive than any of the other top end places in town, and while I hope that some of them come close, I will be (pleasantly) surprised to find a meal this good anytime soon.

Chim Choo Ree
244 Victoria St, Hamilton
07 839 4329

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