Saturday, July 7, 2012


First night in Hamilton. Fresh off the plane (and a shuttle van trip from Auckland airport).  Staying in a hotel on Grey St, the manager recommends Babaganush for a nice, easy meal.

The restaurant feels comfortable. Quite open plan, and the music is loud, but not overbearing.  Service is friendly and efficient.  I park myself with kindle at a small table, and order some sparkling water. (I know... rebellious)

Quite hungry, which turns out to be a good thing, as I need to try a range of things.  I start with Haloumi entrée, followed by a mixed Iskender.

The haloumi is nicely browned and wonderfully squeaky. Salad on the side is tasty.  I would have preferred more garlic in the yoghurt, or less of the yoghurt, but that was a minor concern. ($11)

Garlic and chilli sauce on the iskender.  Rice is nicely flavoured, and the meat works well with the sauces.  Without them, it would I think have been under-spiced for my taste.  Big serving at a good price for restaurant Turkish. ($18.5)

The restaurant is not too busy, which is nice, so I can sit and read without feeling guilty about taking up their space.  After doing this for a while, I notice that they offer a walnut baklava.  I guess I should try it, right?  (For the public good).  Nice, but different.  All things considered, I think I prefer  more traditional baklava.  This version is healthier than most, I imagine, but that isn't really what I am looking for in baklava.  Not bad, however.  ($12)

I will be going back here.  There are a bunch of things on the menu that I want to try.  Once my partner gets into the country, I will bring her with me.  Easier to sample a range of things when there is more than one person ordering.

379-381 Grey St, Hamilton East
(07) 856 3588

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