Friday, August 12, 2016

Narrows Landing, Hamilton

The folks who own 2 Birds just took over the Narrows Landing Cafe out by the airport.  They do some tasty food out there, although they have a slight fetish for FOTM food trends. The below is M and I.

This was pumpkin pie hotcakes, gluten free, vegan, no refined sugar etc etc. (No refined sugar, especially, is an incredibly stupid thing to boast about, when your vegan caramel is blended dates and there is more sugar in your dish than you would get from just spooning it straight out of a sugar bowl). The cream/yogurt looking topping is whipped coconut cream, of which I approve. The pumpkin pie taste was delicious and intense, and the vegan caramel topped with nuts was very nice, although, again, so much sugar and no, it doesn't matter that it wasn't *refined* sugar.

This is a protein bowl, salmon, eggs, quinoa, roast veg, on salad greens, with a satayish sauce. Pretty damn good also.

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