Sunday, April 11, 2010

A vegetarian mexican feast

I know too many vegetarians. But I like them despite their beliefs, and so on occasion I make them food. This time, I made a largely mexican themed dinner, the first couple of courses of which I promptly forgot to take photographs of. You will just have to take my word for it that the haloumi and jalapeno stir fry with a finger lime garnish (just popped from the pod and sprinkled over the H&J), and the corn and kumato salsa, were both excellent.

As for the remainder, I had also made homemade baked beans:
They were pretty tasty. You start with a couple onions and most of a bulb of garlic, fry them off in a pan until they are browning. Add a dash of wine vinegar and a tin of chopped tomatoes, then some chilli, smoky paprika, jalapenos, more chilli, and whatever else you want to flavour your beans with, and reduce a little. Stir through a couple tins of kidney beans )I wanted to do this with black beans, but couldn't find any), mix, and bake for 30 mins or so. Served with lime and coriander.

Next up was polenta and roast vegetables. Par boiled onions, cut in half and baked for an hour or so, with whole boiled then baked baby beetroot, and with a slice of a flat mushroom on the side. I use a vegetarian beef stock (Massel brand) in making the polenta, to give it a good depth of flavour, and by all accounts, it works.

Finally, I broke with the mexican theme to do gooey chocolate puddings with raspberries. These puddings are a recipe from Nigel Slater in the Kitchen diaries, Featuring high quality dark chocolate, sugar butter and eggs, no flour or anything, despite which they turn out seeming like they should have had some somewhere. They really are very good.

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