Saturday, April 24, 2010

A pumpkin and chicken pastry

Leftover from the desserts of the previous post, I had a couple of sheets of puff pastry, and we had some pumpkin kicking around. I decided to make pumpkin and chicken pastries.

I cut up the half a pumpkin and cooked it until it was soft. Cut a couple chicken breasts into small dice, and fried them up with a finely sliced onion and about half a head of garlic. Added smoky paprika, salt and pepper, a bit of chilli. Cooked some more, and added the pumpkin, cooking until the pumpkin melted into a kind of thick sauce around the chicken. The mixture at this stage was thick enough to hold its shape when spooned onto a flat surface.

Let it cool for a while while the pastry sheets defrosted. Piled it on, folded them up (I spread the mixture along the diagonal, leaving room to fold both sides over and both ends in). Cooked in a 180 oven (centigrade) until the pastry was golden and puffed. (Hint, brush with a beaten egg for extra golden looks). Served on rocket and Kumatos.

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