Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Eat Burger

M and I hit up Eat Burger a little while back. It is always nice to see people doing burgers well.  Their fries are thick cut and tasty, the truffled aioli that comes with is well made and suits them, and their burgers are pretty damn nice.
Oh, and despite failing to take a photo of it, they do Milkshakes using Lewis Rd Creamery milk, which are damn good. Nice flavours too, if perhaps a little too on trend.

The burger above is their  'Kansas' - onion rings, mustard. Pretty good. Very nice bun. $12.50

This one is the bean burger. Looks good, tastes good, falls to bits as you eat it. Also perhaps a little too soggy for the bun, which was having structural integrity issues. $12

The sizing on these is way more reasonable than the standard size at somewhere like Goneburger. I don't think the burgers themselves are quite as good (not far off, but not quite), but I so seldom want to eat as much food as Goneburger gives you, that this would often be better.

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