Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dessert: Pierre Roelofs at Rosamond, Feb 2.

A dessert degustation, 4 courses, the best of the last 3 months, apparently.  I was convinced, it was all amazing.

A golden syrup dumpling shot. Open ended glass tube, heat the jelly end in hot water for a couple seconds, then suck it out.

Prunes, brown rice, meringue, passionfruit and hazelnut.

Raspberry foam, mandarin granita, blueberry, sago, pound cake, puffed millet.

Vanilla and caramel, apple, brie and pinenut.

Highly, highly recommended.  They run them every Thursday, 7-11.  Of course, getting in is tricky.  There was a line at the door at 7 sharp, and by the time I finished (just after 8), people were on a waiting list for 10pm.  Some people in line when they opened the doors didn't get seats. So, you know, be there early, or turn up at 7, name on list, and go grab a drink or some food somewhere... no shortage of choices around Smith St these days.

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