Thursday, January 20, 2011

Food in Japan (Part 2)

This marvellous looking creature is a fish shaped pikelet, cooked in large batches on a heavy iron griddle, and filled with (in this case) vanilla custard.  Other popular fillings include red bean paste, chocolate custard, and strawberries.  The custard is amazing, intensely vanilla, and the pastry is delicious.  These things are cheap (100-200 yen) and ubiquitous.

These are some nifty form of glutinous rice, shaped into balls, grilled on sticks and drizzled in a sweet soy-ish sauce, then served hot with ground nuts to dip the entire thing into.  Also incredibly tasty, not as cheap as the fish above, but well worth a try.  Some people might not appreciate the texture, but... 

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