Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Deconstructed Caramel Slice.

I had some sugar biscuits left over, uniced, from the daring bakers challenge.  I had also baked some over cannoli tubes, and they had come out such that they stood upright, which I thought was neat.  I decided to make a caramel slice in its component parts (albeit with sugar cookies in lieu of a more traditional base).

The caramel was easy, I boiled sweetened condensed milk in its tin for 3 hours, cooled and opened it.  The chocolate was melted lindt 70% mixed with cream so it was pourable, and spread from a squeeze bottle (I need to practice, the texture wasn't quite right).  Pink sea salt on top of the caramel for a bit more flavour.

Looks like this:

Tastes like awesome.

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