Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Something refreshing.

Sometimes you have egg whites left over from something or the other, and because one isn't American, the perfect thing to do with them is, of course, to make a sour of some description. This particular version was made with Chambord (a black raspberry liqueur) and 42 Below Honey Vodka.

Basic recipe, for 2 drinks:

1 egg white
45mL simple syrup (sugar syrup)
30mL lime juice
Half a lemon juiced.

Spirit of choice, 90mL of one, or whatever division you desire. Mine was 50/50 of these.

In the glass side of a boston, put a bunch of ice. Add the rest, lid it, shake a while, vigorously. Pour into two glasses, over some more ice (you can leave the shaking ice in, if you want)

Other delicious options include the Candy sour, equal parts frangelico and amaretto, or a sour made with either of those alone. Also, I should really buy some more appropriate glasses for this kind of drink. Maybe when I move house!

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