Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Venison Chorizo and Roast Potatoes

Apparently it was Shrove Tuesday last night. My partner tells me that it is an excuse to have delicious food, so we do. We had some venison chorizo from, which we had picked up at the farmers market at the Collingwood Children's Farm. I knew these would be amazing, even just on their own. I also had some duck fat lying around, that I reserved from a Thai red curry I made a while back. Bought some Dutch Creams to roast in it.

Dutch creams are a nice roasting potato, yellow flesh, good even size, and they crisp up nicely. I bought 5 of them, enough for a dinner for two and a great pile left over. Dice them up into 2cm cubes or so, and par cook them by adding them to boiling water, waiting for it to re-boil, then draining them. Toss them through the duck fat and add a half dozen (or more, depending on how much you like garlic, I usually go for a dozen) roughly torn cloves of garlic. Add a sprinkling of sea salt (I am constantly amazed at how much nicer Maldon is than any of its competitors) and some rosemary, and toss them thoroughly again.

They need 30-40 minutes in a hot oven, 220c, with the fan going if you have it. I like mine on the crispy side, so they will be edible well before then. Shake the pan every 10 mins or so during cooking.

We also had some nice fresh sweetcorn and green beans, to round off the meal.

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